Een Nederlandse ondernemer staat op het punt om een prachtige villa, ideaal gelegen aan de baai van Balluta in St Julians, om te toveren in een chique boutique residence.

De ondernemer is op zoek naar financiers die willen bijdragen aan deze onderneming. Het verwachte rendement voor aandeelhouders is 10%. Wellicht een ideale investeringsmogelijkheid voor u. Voor meer informatie en voor de volledige ondernemingsplan kunt u mailen naar of bel +356 79471194.


The Estate
Villa Priuli is a stately period house build in the 18th century to serve as a summer residence for the Maltese elite. Because of its unique character and prominent location, the Maltese government has now listed Villa Priuli as an official protected landmark and is well known among the locals.

Due to its generous size, proposed number of suites and rooms, great character, as well as its prime location with magnificent views, Villa Priuli has undisputed potential to serve as a luxury boutique accommodation. The unique selling point is the personalised service and privacy for a limited of 18 guests only who can enjoy top notch facilities such as the secluded back yard with a large swimming pool, sundeck area and conservatory. Situated on one of Malta’s most rewarded spots, the Balluta Seafront, guests are guaranteed a variety of the finest amenities all year round.


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The story behind Villa Priuli Boutique Residence
The director is a Dutch entrepreneur by trade and together with his family (who all have years of experience in the hospitality industry) he decided to open a boutique residence in Malta after falling in love with the Island on his first visit while also realizing the booming tourism industry it offers. It was in the summer of 2016 when he first laid his eyes on Villa Priuli together with his wife. In search of the perfect estate to open his boutique residence he didn’t have to look any further and decided there and then to initiate the necessary market research. Due to the scope of the project as the villa requires restauration and renovation it took months of thorough research with the relevant authorities and experts involved to present to you the business plan today.

Turning Villa Priuli into an exclusive Boutique Residence
The Villa Priuli Boutique Residence will offer top-quality suites with a personised service suitable for upscale leisure tourism. The healthy budget reserved for the construction and finishes at Villa Priuli allows for top quality and will be ahead of competitors. To maximize profits, a cocktail bar will operate daily for the public in the front yard. The concept of this cocktail bar will follow the same style as the Boutique Residence and will maintain a low profile (i.e. no loud music, early closing hours and limited number of guests admitted) not to interfere the room-guests’ experiences.

The appointed architect is Etienne Fenech who is specialised in the field of environment sustainability and implementing sustainable measures within old buildings. Etienne has conducted a thorough cost estimation and time frame to convert Villa Priuli from a residential dwelling into an exclusive Boutique Residence with a cocktail bar open to the public in the front yard. The expected opening date of the cocktail bar is in March 2018 while the Boutique Residence is expected to open its doors in June of 2018.

The Boutique Residence will have 9 suites ranging from 21 m² to 38 m² internal space and balconies and terraces up to 23m². All suites will have magnificent views where the front suites overlook Balluta Bay with open sea views and the back suites enjoy views of the back garden. The German contract furnishing specialist Furncon is responsible for the interior design who have found the right mix of elegant design, functionality and coherence with the surroundings of the building.

The front yard cocktail bar is a separate undertaking from the Boutique Residence with its sole purpose to maximize the total profits of the company. This bar will have a cosy and relaxing atmosphere with a maximum number of 40 guests at a time to make sure the accommodation guests are not inconvenienced. Instead, the bar would be considered an added value to their stay. The winning formula to make this bar successful is to serve proper cocktails in a relaxing lounge set-up environment made by certified mixologists. The opening hours will be daily from 11 AM to 11 PM.

The proposed suites
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Become a part owner of the Villa Priuli Boutique Residence
In order to turn Villa Priuli into the proposed boutique residence we are still in need of external finance. Expected return on investment for shareholders are as high as 10%. Please send an e-mail to and to get the full business plan or call +356 79471194 for more information. 

Risks and Challenges
Although the entire project is timely outlined by professionals, certain events may occur behind our control that could delay the actual opening of the Boutique Residence. For those who wish to-finance we communicate the progress of the works on a timely basis and offer full transparency of the project throughout.